The Wolf And The Neural Network


Released July 11th, 2022, 22 days prior to the false arrest and torture inflicted by HRP and NSHA on August 2nd, 2022 (Episode 7 and Episode 8). It was released as a research tool, and clearly stated it was wide open for interpretation, however there was a consistent pattern indicating a very serious set of events had occurred. It was released to show exactly what I did or didn't know at different stages, and directly disproves everything HRP said August 2nd 2022. It covers Stephen McNeil resigning, the day after I sent my email. August 5th and 6th 2020. ~ ALPHA ~ covers JDIrving, lying in the investigation, and deleting terms from Job postings while they tried to Phish me multiple times and call me fraud. Notably, I acknowledged a 70% target, overtly indicating my personal bias. Furthermore, it showcased thorough preparation, presenting concrete facts, precise dates, and Compelling evidence. While clearly stating and maintaining this was not all about me. Something I maintained throughout. It shows I found the EMIC contracts, linking to Stillwater NS, which was consistent with my experiences. It shows I had incredible evidence, to support going to HRP. This in addition to Kevin Mooney resigning the day I get my Freedom of Information request back from HRP (June 23rd 2022), the relationships between Postmedia, Justin Trudeau and JDIrving. And covers, how when i said i caught them (March 21st 2022) and would go for Criminal Charges, the next day NDP and Liberal Party formed the "confidence and supply" agreement. All Supporting a very serious set of Federal crimes being committed. And raises serious, non-trivial questions about the involvement of HRP Chief of Police, Dan Kinsella and what he did or didn't know before he either had me tortured, or his complicity and complacency in having me tortured for his own personal gain. And so, directly opens him up to a complaint with Professional Standards. It's this simple... If Dan Kinsella is innocent then why not put his name down and prove it.

"All of this has happened before..."
"But the question remains... does all this have to happen again...?"
"This time I bet no..."
"You know I've never known you to play the optimist, why the change of heart?"
"Mathematics... law of averages. Let a complex system repeat itself long enough eventually something surprising might occur... that too is in god's plan."
"You know it doesn't like that name..."
"Silly me... Silly... Silly... Me"