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How did my GPS did got set to 9330 Stillwater Nova Scotia? What are the associations with EMIC -> SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica? Why are there pictures of the reisgistered owner at Irving Shipbuilding? Click here for Image.
SPYWARE -> Target Audience Analysis (TAA) Infographic -> Bill C-18 - The Online News Act (Bell, CBC, Postmedia).
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Why I'm taking Postmedia, JDIrving, The Conservative Party of Canada and the Trudeau Government to task

(Play on wording from Media Canada Article on Bill C-18 )

Video Link 6:10: "Look we understand the rules, the legal rules involving collusion" - Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey on Torstar swap -

It seems in 2019 i was working for Irving Shipbuilding (JDIrving) in halifax Nova Scotia. I got caught up in something and the evidence directly suggests and supports that I was framed. The core issue seems to have something to do with a very public issue between JDIrving and Postmedia, Which ultimately upon deep dive seems more about Bill C-18 and Spyware than the actual issue. Commissioner finds DND broke privacy rules when it revealed reporter's name to Irving Shipbuilding In that time period, my wallet goes missing and ends up with Halifax Regional Police, as part of something "ongoing". The individuals who then had control over that process, and who would need transfers after the Wortley report, would get transferred to JDIrving. While the Wortley Report, was a report on Systemic Racism in Policing, more specifically in regards to "Street Checks". These events collide on November 19th 2019, making it a significant date for all parties and within the data set below. An investigation at JDIrving would follow late 2019, early 2020. Where not only would they call me a liar, but would mock Systemic Racism and Harassment, calling it all some Narrative to get them and Police... June 10th 2020, just aftrer events with George Floyd, i was protesting Racism locally and It appears RCMP stalked me up and down the road- Infographic. News Paper Page 1 and Page 2. While I have pictures of an RCMP vest that was found. - - Infographic August 5th 2020, As part of the investigation I sent my Email, including all parties stating how bad it was. The next Day, Premier Stephen McNeil resigned (Target Audience Analysis (TAA) Assesment). This is a Liberal Premier, under a liberal government involving Canadas National Shipbuilder and DND. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau knows. These EMIC Contracts were signed off on by his senior staff, Harjit Sajjan, Jody Thomas and General Vance. - LINK While I absolutely dominated them from technical, ethical and security perspective. During this period there is direct and compelling evidence that these parties threatened Children, Disabled women and Cancer Patients. Within 24 hours of filing the complaint, Halifax Regional Police pull in behind me asking about a "woman wandering around in a night dress" while my mother is disabled and well know for her night dresses (Image). My Cousin and their Neighbours reported a Black SUV to RCMP twice, it was watching thier children. The neighbour, cornered them, they got out and said they were a "Private Investigator" and drove away. RCMP never contacted them back. While EMIC Contract # 2 then correlates with another property close to mine LINK and then is consistent with Google Business Propery View Spikes and TAA Assesment LINK (TAA Assesment). while there was evidence that an IMSI catcher may have been invovled LINK Out of broad concern at the events that occured i emailed the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau Early 2021 - LINK . Simply asking for help and makingf it clear something else went on. By August 2021, i engaged the "Main Email Thread" that included dozens of Govenrment Officials, Lawyers, media and JDIrving. December 23 2021, i released a long version of events, as well as Techncial, Ethical, and Secuirty reviews. LINK By March 21st 2022, i had figured out the piece about Postmedia and JDIrving. As JDIrivng had sold thier media business, Brunnswick News Inc to, Postmedia. I wqent back, overlayed the data and got an absolute consistent match. This is when i found the EMIC contracts, which were posted by David Pugliese of Postmedia. All linkiing back to the exact events and players in 2019. Matching where my GPS was set... In the Mail Email Thread I said i got you and if you dont come forward i will seek criminal charges. The next Day, the Liberal Party (Justin Trudeau) and NDP (Jagmeet Singh) announced a supply and confidence agreement. NEED INFO GRAPHIC LINK Now, i live in a extreamly rural area and during this period, I sat up a property as a business withing Google Analytics. The views spiked heavily with emails sent to the Main Email Thread. While Two legal Entities in Halifax, were involved with Hacking, Phishing and Identify Theft LINK> right up to and before my False arrest August 2nd 2022

August 2nd 2022 HRP retaliated while I was reporting serious events and arrested me. I was denied a lawyer for 11 Hours in handcuffs as I sat there completely calm. All parties they then all lied and said I never requested a lawyer. They proceeded to mock and humiliate me as i sat there calmy while i simply said "this is really innapropriate right now". My book bag got sent, with a doistressed man self admittedly un drugs before i ever seen a doctor. While i woke up to man standing over me who immediately touches my stomach. And they recorded none of it... and then lied about it. But i have Audio recordings... LINK Just after two months later, October 2022, Halifax Regional Police Held a historic, unprecidented Vote and voted no confidence in the Cheif. RCMP then literally terrorized me and my disabled mother including showing up here and threatening me while I had blisters all over my feet from walking to see her in the hospital. While at the same it appears time they deleted the EMIC Contacts from the site while actively refusing to allow me to open a case while they called me a lair. - Image .

January 29th 2023 ( Review As Word Doc) - The Morning my mother died and that same morning neighbours reported lights in my house while I was at the hospital. - Review . There the premier showed up but didn't say anything which was quite reasonably a trap to get me to say something because then it would be my word against theirs on record. While these individuals understand behavior, so they understand how I would take that and they planned it. And you're wondering about why the media didn't cover it? And why they felt so confident? It's because of the special interests associated with Bill C-18 - The Online News Act. Bill C-18 is expected to bring in $300 Million + a year and CTV, CBC and Postmedia (Jamie Irving as Executive Director) could potentially receive $10,000,000 + a Year which also may inflate the valuation of their Assets and companies. While it seems Postmedia might have owed JDIrving money. While during this period you can see some of these companies, such as Bell Media laid off Journalists and publically referenced the need for Bill C-18 - The Online News Act (A possible muzzle on any dissent) - Reference While these journalists knew these monsters would target them and destroy their lives and careers if they said anything. So, January 29th 2023, the morning my mother died had I said anything or even moved the wrong way they would have destroyed me in the media as the fact is people have done a lot worse for a lot less than $10,000,000 dollars a year. While, Media = Power for Politicians. That's why Tim Houston didn't say anything. Tim Houston personally installed the NSHA Board of directors just after becoming Premier September 2021. He knew NSHA and those directors were facing multi-million dollar litigation and would be fired. Tim Houston knew NSHA lied, denied me a lawyer, and produced a fraudulent record. He knows there are recordings and video. Tim Houston knows those NSHA staff have to lie or they will lose their licence and face criminal charges. He knows they are all going to lie in "their" favor. While if they were going to admit it and face it then why haven't they? Because they never were as it was always to frame me.

Just after Bill C-18 basically gets accepted, Postmedia and TorStar indicate there are Merger Talks while the Prime Minister states someone will look into it. While Jamie Irving then steps down as Executive Chair, while Postmedia supposidly based thier mdoel off Bill C-18 and wereits biggest promoters - Infographic while it appears Postmedia may have owed JDirving Money.

I sincerely wish it didn't come to this. I never asked for money or anything, i asked for respect and education. I begged them to stop because i would dominate them. But the evidence strongly suggests "they" ruined my life and if I become someone, then I'm credible, which means I was right. So they have to make sure I'm not seen as credible my entire life or they have to face everything they did including the events with systemic racism, targetiung disabled women, childrne , cancer patients. They would ahve to face thier fraud.... they would ahve to face years of abuse.. So It's destroy me or a collar while this is direct and compelling evidence of how far these Domestic Terrorists would go frame me. And this isn't to protect Canada. There is no justice in what they did to me and my family. It was all to protect the "right kind of white" which is a bought, sold and traded status.

Video Link 6:10: "Look we understand the rules, the legal rules involving collusion" - Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey on Torstar swap -

Government - I am requesting Tim Houston and Justin Trudeau resign and Criminal Charges be laid. I'm asking for Jagmeet Singh and Pierre Poilievre to comment. The day after i pieced togetehr events with Postmedia and sent an email saying i got you, the Liberal and NDP parties announced thier Supply and Confidence Agreement - Infographic

RCMP - Mike Duheme and Dennis Daley will resign. Jessica of RCMP sheet harbour will be terminated with cause on her HR file. All Officers from Sheet Harbour and Sherbrook RCMP detachments that did not report the complaint will be formally reprimanded. If there is any sign of retaliation what so ever, they are to be terminated with cause. Out of sheer negligence, The director for the RCMP Civilian review Board will also resign.

NSHA - Kristen Holm and Nancy Murphy will lose their license and face criminal charges. Upon review of the evidence, Kristen Holm should be classified as a violent criminal offender. I am requesting the crown seek no less than 4 Years in a federal prison for Kristen Holm. Karen Oldfield ARTICLE WITH HOUSTIN and Karen Hornberger - Infographic will be fired with cause on their HR files while any severances will be donated to charity. While every week of inaction, another Director will resign.

HRP - Jonathan Jefferies will be fired with cause on his file and will face criminal charges. All cases handled will be delegated to third party for review. As HRP retaliated and the commissioner facilitated the fraud. The Commissioner and All HRP officers involved will resign.

Privacy Commissioner of Canada and Nova Scotia - Philippe Dufresne (PIEDA and ESDC reviews) and Trish Ralph will resign.

Video Link 6:10: "Look we understand the rules, the legal rules involving collusion" - Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey on Torstar swap -

I am requesting RCMP, HRP and JDIrving be designated as Domestic Terrorist Organizations and or there be an investiagtion into Racketeering. This investigation is to be extended to any Politicans and Media executives whom covered this up.

"All of this has happened before..."
"But the question remains... does all this have to happen again...?"
"This time I bet no..."
"You know I've never known you to play the optimist, why the change of heart?"
"Mathematics... law of averages. Let a complex system repeat itself long enough eventually something surprising might occur... that too is in god's plan."
"You know it doesn't like that name..."
"Silly me... Silly... Silly... Me"